Hacken Lee spokesperson for QunHao & one of the hosts for TVB for the 2008 Olympics

Some info on the brand Qunhao and hacken as the spokesperon from the website:

Hacken Lee is the one and only spokesperson for QunHao, and Qunhao is the only apparel company in mainland that has a spokesperson.

When asked why he chose Hacken, the director of the company said
" I admire and agree a lot with his passion for music. He’s singing career wasn’t peaceful all along, at times of difficulties he did not give up his belief. With his passion, he became what he is today. This is the same for the culture of Qunhao, that’s why i chose him.

When asked which song represents the brand, Hacken says its not a bad idea to wear this clothes and be a ‘Flower Protector'(one of his songs) whereas Red Day associates the brand with warmth and comfort.

Hacken reveals that he has been invited to be the host for TVB for the 2008 Olympics. He will be heading for Beijing, the heart of the Oylmpics, and bring us first hand news. He hopes that Qunhao can release more fashionable sports wear, and then he will be able to wear a brand he endorse and be at his country’s capital city and report about the results that his country’s sportsmen have achieved.

Hacken also reveals that there are increasing products for this brand. However, he hopes that the company will continue to release more products [clothing styles?] despite its already wide range of products. He hopes the company can release clothes for different functions. "It’ll be great if there’s apparel for golf…" The director beside him replied "Hacken, don’t worry."

The photoshoot was like a graduation picture due to the overwhelming amount of people present!

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