Hacken Lee Hopes to Find Success with JSG

Hacken Lee came away with nothing at the recent CRHK Chik Chak Music Awards and fans have written to the papers expressing their displeasure. Appearing at yesterday’s press conference for TVB’s Jade Solid Gold awards yesterday, he responded to this graciously and said: "They should respect the calculation of results that CRHK uses and should not be too angry. I feel that writing to the papers is not a good method of airing views, the best thing would be to put their comments on the internet." There have been suggestions that the reason for his blank sheet was down to his poor relationship with CRHK, but Hacken clarifies this and says: "There is no animoscity between CRHK and me, just that we have different directions. I have a lot of friends at CRHK, but this does not mean it helps the broadcast rate of my songs because our directions are different."

Although Hacken did not appear at the Chik Chak awards ceremony, he did watch the show and seeing his good friends winning awards made him feel happy. When Hins Cheung showed his emotions, Hacken smiled: "I will have to go and ask him later if it was real. (About Hin’s rumours with Ivana Wong)." As for the forthcoming TVB and RTHK awards, Hacken says he will be making an appearance, but he explains that because he had to film for his movie on New Year’s Day, then this was the reason he did not have time to appear at the CRHK ceremony. He hopes that there will not be too much speculation and he hopes that there will be a higher broadcast rate for him this year.

Hacken says that the focus for the JSG awards will rest with Leo Ku and Eason Chan and he will be following behind them. He is prepared to be in the background this year and let them take the hot potato. Hacken calls himself the ‘dark horse’ because he feels he has the talent and he is a sales chart topper, but he does not know why sales and popularity are not balancing each other. As for the suggestions that record company executive Duncan Wong has been fighting for Eason to win the ‘Most Popular Male Singer Award’, Hacken feels that awards are not for fighting over and they are presented by the organisers, so he will go in with a peaceful heart. Of course, people have emotions and reactions, so if he does not win, then he will be disappointed, but he will be gracious whatever happens.

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