Hacken Lee: Examinations are like first loves, there’s no need to cry

Tomorrow is the release date of the GSCE ‘O’ levels examination results. Although results do not mean everything, they are part of the process. Every year, when it comes close to this day, the artiste’s results will be revealed. The same goes for this year. Sun Yao Wei and Li Jia Xin both did very well, while those who scored 0 points included Yu Mei and Jordan Chan. Actually, getting good or bad results doesn’t determine one’s future. Hacken who did quite alright for his exams, described exams being like first loves. “There might not be a good ending but it’ll make you want to reminisce.”

Many relationships to come in a lifetime

As an event was held for the release of the results yesterday, Hacken admits his average results. The host points out that in about 10 years’ time, he will be worried again on this day too (for his children). Hacken smiles, saying “You can even link the topic to this! I don’t know how many times do I have to worry, and don’t know if I will send my children overseas.” He says the O levels exams are like a first love – they usually do not end up being great, hence one need not cry over it because we will face many relationships in our lifetime. “A singer has to take exams several times in a year too and I’ve tasted zero before. I believe that with hard work, there will be results. But if we do not work hard, the results will certainly be undesirable results.”

On how they grade candidates, Hacken says “I understand that they cannot do anything about it, the system changes with time. Though the exams are like a first love, remember that we fall in love lots of times, just like taking exams! I did not fare too well in the early years, and the headlines once read ‘Hacken Lee tastes zero’. It didn’t reflect very well on me. I can only tell myself to do better and not believe that results will not come with hard work. Since there is a new grading system, it should be better than before. People just need time to get used to it.” Back then, he would even change the TV channel if he happens to see the award ceremony airing. (it really isn’t too good to see yourself getting zero – hianez).

Hacken recalls that he only scored a D for his Chinese back then but yet, he can become a lyricist. He has also composed lyrics for hundreds of songs. Hence, if the results are not desirable, one will feel very unhappy at first. Yet, the most important thing is the learning process, the courage to face it, and of course hard work is the most important.

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