Hacken Lee Charity Concert

Sponsored by Oakland’s Family Bridges, “Hacken Lee Charity Concert” was held last night at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Hong Kong Superstar, Hacken is extraordinary, not only was the concert sold out, the fans were screaming ever so loudly, the atmosphere was at its top, Hacken promises his fans that he will sing till the minute he must board the plane, singing over 20 songs of old and new, also donating an autographed soccer ball and personal concert outfit for auction, it successfully gained US$6,300 donation, breaking the record from last year’s performer, Alan Tam. The concert started around 7pm, it started with an award ceremony, crowning the charity king and queen, and awaiting patiently, Hacken Lee kicks off the night.

Hacken sang over 20 songs, many classic songs, along with two new songs from his recent albums, songs include: Victory, Sentiment, Heart Heart Heart, Sky Water City, I will not sing, and many others, and a part where he sang many classic songs from other artists such as, Alan Tam’s Little Problems, Sam Hui, and Danny Chan, causing the audience to listen with a smile and end with a scream.

Having been a singer for 23 years now, Hacken starts off by thanking everyone for their donation by buying a ticket to the concert, and he also says that in order to satisfy his long-time-no-see fans, he will sing till the very last minute, and then rush to the airport. He laughs and says, actually picking songs for a concert is very hard because if he sings a lot of classic songs, people will say that he sings the same song every time, but if he chooses new songs, people will say that they want to hear his classic songs.

Middle of the concert, an auctioning was held, Hacken personally donated a concert outfit and an autographed soccer ball, the concert outfit starting bid was US$2,000, after a few shouts, the outfit was sold for US$3,000 to Ms. Wong; as for the soccer ball, it was sold for US$3,300, totals to US$6,300, breaking last year’s record of US$5,500 from Alan Tam’s concert outfit.

After the concert was taken to another level, Hacken came down from the stage to shake hands with the fans, the fans also went forward to donate money and to shake hands. After returning to stage, Hacken thinks about his family, telling people he now has a family to take care of, and for this reason he has to rush to the airport right after the concert. Upon request, Hacken sang Performance Hall, sitting in front of the audience allowing them to take endless pictures and to shake hands, in the end, he sang Red Sun to complete the concert.

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