Hacken Lee’s new album – My Cup of Tea

Hacken’s cup of tea – the environment

The “album selling” king, Hacken Lee, has once again attacked the market with his latest Cantonese album My Cup of Tea. This time, the theme revolves around recycling and caring for the environment. However, it does not feel like he’s giving us the facts about the environment, this is indeed a good theme. Seems like he has derived a new path after the previous Concert Hall I and II’s concept.

Concert Hall I and II has successfully opened up the HiFi market for Hacken Lee. Sales for the album were great, but if they are to carry on with the concept, fans might get annoyed. This time, Hacken went back to the basics – using the original state of music to greet his audience. Together with the strong crew or musician, an album with its own character was created, using the unplug feeling as the main attraction. Will it be your cup of tea? That will have to depend on your taste.

Bearing the fragrance of Narcissism

My Cup of Tea is not like the Pu-Er tea but bears the fragrance of Narcissism. One of the hits bearing the theme of recycling is Where Will The Flowers Fall. The music that accompanies it is simple, composed by Eric Kwok, who is very compatible with the lyricist Lin Nuo Ning. The Hong Kong people who are suffering intense heat from the weather will find a common point with the song. In Marriage Like A Piece of Paper, there are 2 versions – the violin and the piano versions. The violinist is David Garrett, while the pianist is Li Jia Ning. Each brings out a unique feeling. Also, the song Twins, which is about brotherly relationships, Little Baby, which Hacken had written the lyrics for his unborn baby, and Father & Son are all close to our lives. It is a good album for one to find his direction.

-Company: Universal Music

-Rating: 3 stars

Hacken has used less singing techniques this time and brings out his songs in a relaxing way, making them closer to our lives. This is a good move. At least, the people won’t feel that he’s pretending to bring out the song.

-Packaging: 3.5 stars

Although the computer effects have made him look a bit stoned, the author appreciates that the album includes a DVD. It allows fans to choose their own musical instrument to go along with the song, exposing them to the various instruments and melodies.

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Double Disc: Hacken Lee’s album My Cup of Tea – a new step

This summer has brought to us 2 cups of music: Theresa Fu’s first ever album My Cup of T – something that not everyone might be able to take it; Hacken Lee’s new album is called My Cup of Tea – something that’s different from his previous albums. It’s something that’s fresh and easy to take in. Hacken’s previous albums Concert Hall I and II has live recording as the attraction. This time, the DVD which allows us to select our own music accompaniment, is fun.

Hacken’s cup of tea has Where Will The Flowers Fall as the first hit, a song about our environment. He mentioned while he was promoting that he hopes to bring the message across to listeners. The simplicity in the background music gives people a refreshing feeling. However, towards the end, the lyrics talked about love, seems like there’s not enough strength in the lyrics.

What is caring for the environment? As a professor says, it means going green and not wasting resources. The album’s cardboard hardcover, the paper used to print the lyrics and the box – are they using the environment to promote the album or are they bringing the message across? Earlier on, in the LIVE EARTH concerts, environmental care was the theme as well. But in the end, as singers and the audience travel around to perform/attend, many resources were used, leading to the release of carbon dioxide – doing something bad though with a good intention.

Other than the packaging of the album, there’s another surprise. This comes from Hacken’s change. For many years, his perfect vocals comes without any unpleasantness, his reaches for the high notes wereaccurate, being able to sing clearly despite the difficult lyrics in fast songs…We’re only afraid that he is performing his vocal vibrations rather than singing, and has neglected feelings for that. He’s like a singing machine which never goes wrong, while listening to him, there’s some form of stress building up. After 22 years of his singing career, Hacken Lee has stepped out for a change. He puts his diaphragm on hold and uses his vocal chords to sing; the results sounded more natural.

If everyone listens closely, you can sense that Hacken has changed for the better. A professional singer who has already been shaped needs great courage to take this step. This act is worth supporting. Judging from Hacken’s strength, he should still have a long way to go. And we wonder what new things he will bring us with his next album.

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