Hacken Forced to Mime at MCI Performance

Hacken Lee was the performing guest at the Miss Chinese International Contest held yesterday evening, but as he was suffering from flu, his voice was only at 60% and of the three songs he sang, only two were performed live as the more difficult song "Princess and Prince" was too hard and he had no choice but to mime to a recording.

Hacken said before the show: "Yesterday when I was in Qingyuan, I could barely speak and before I had already contacted the producer, saying I would cut my performance by half if I could not sing. (Were you worried about the performance being substandard?) Of course I am afraid, so I went to see the doctor and also a Qigong expert and drank some herbal remedies, but the only way to shake flu is by resting, so I will be returning to Hong Kong straight after the show." Hacken believes that this illness was brought on whilst filming for "Beautiful Kitchen Goddess" and he was working too hard. Talking of this year’s contestants, Hacken says he has seen them all before and hopes that Aimee Chan will make it into the top three and win some acclaim for Hong Kong, but this may be more difficult with the show not being held in Hong Kong. Talking of his wife Emily Lo taking the first runner up at this contest in 1993, has he spoken to her about this contest? He says that the times are different now and in the past, the pageants were more formal, but there have been a lot of gimmicks in recent years and his wife had the advantage of being the host in those days.

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