Hacken Explains Charmaine’s Flirting

Hacken Lee, Yumiko Cheng, Alex Fong and Krusty were the guests filming for Jade Solid Gold earlier and asked about losing his voice last week before his performance on Miss Chinese International, is Hacken better now? He says that because he has been busy filming for the film "Beautiful Goddess of Cooking", he has not had enough time to rest and so developed an infection, but he is much better than last week and he insisted on singing live for the show.

Talking of his last performance, he said mockingly of himself: "Although I am not at my best tonight, it is much better than last week, because I was so croaky that it sounded terrible. I hope that the usual Hacken will be back at the ‘Top Ten Chinese Songs Awards’ this weekend." Talking of the reports that on the set of his film, he was subjected to some wild flirting from co-star Charmaine Sheh, he explains immediately: "I have a family now and from working with Charmaine, I find her to be a very professional and punctual person. The short skirt was her costume and the things in the report never happened. I really didn’t feel that she was flirting with me." Asked if he had explained the reports to his wife, he says that there is no need to explain himself to her for everything.

Also a co-star in the movie, Yumiko also says that she does not feel that Charmaine was flirting with Hacken and laughs that she is the flirtatious one in the show. She says: "Because my character in the show is called ‘Flirty May’ and she is greedy for money, vain and wears a golden wig. This is my first time in a Chinese New Year movie and the first time I have played such a provocative character." After this movie, Yumiko hopes to move her music-focussed career towards acting in films and series and her company is supporting her. She will be heading into the mainland to film a series there in May.

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