Hacken and Xiaomei’s love

Hacken used the excuse of visiting friends in the TV studio to pursue Emily Lo

Hacken’s sister-in-name reveals his romance: Hacken uses the excuse of visiting friends filming on set to woo Emily Lo

Fifth volume: Hacken Lee

Xiaomei, whose original name is Leung Mei Mei, emerged as a female lyricist in the mid 1980s. She used to direct the Jade Solid Gold programme and had written lyrics for Luo Wen, Leslie Cheung, Beyond, Wang Jie, Hacken Lee and other singers. Some of the songs became classics and pop songs. With the song “幾 許 風 雨”, she won the best lyricist award in RTHK Chinese Songs Award Ceremony, and is the first female lyricist to have received the award. In 1993, Xiaomei became the manager of Aaron Kwok till today.

While arranging the bookshelves at home, she accidentally came across Hacken’s wedding photos album taken last year. As she browsed through, she was shocked to realize that Hacken had indeed grown up and had become a husband, and is close to the point of becoming a father. She cannot conceal her laughter, “Time has passed us silently!” she said. (That line is part of the lyrics from Alan Tam’s song which Hacken also sang before, titled “Speechless Appreciation”)

She has known Hacken for at least 18 years. Their friendship was built up when they filmed music videos and composed songs. Back then, the singers, those working behind the scenes and the media were able to build quite good friendships. Most of them were able to and they talked about anything in the world. Maybe during that time, everything came about in a much more innocent way. Unlike now, things just come and go and brush through everybody, and people are calculative. People do not spend much time together, not to mention talking heart to heart.

Visits as guest and learns how to compose lyrics

Hacken had quite a lot of opportunities to work with her when he first entered the industry, they had an exceptional good relationship too. He liked to address her as his “

“Big Sister”. They had the best chemistry when Hacken mentioned he wanted to be a creative singer. Whenever he wants to learn how to compose lyrics, he would catch hold of her and consult. In fact, she is considered as Hacken’s mentor in lyrics composition. And because of this, the young Hacken always came to her house. They would edit the lyrics and chat. They had a very good relationship, and her mother frequently treats Hacken to a dish of mushroom and abalone.

Youngsters can never drift apart from romance during their growing years, this includes Hacken. Frankly speaking, Xiaomei was once his love consultant. She knew about many
of his relationships, from his little puppy love to serious ones. The one relationship that left the deepest impression on her is of course, his loved one today – Emily Lo.

Very excited when Emily won the Miss HK Pageant

In her eyes, it was love at first sight for Hacken, and she’s the only one that he loves deeply! In 1992, Xiaomei was in charge of filming the promotion for the Miss HK Pageant and the popular Emily was included. And during that time, Hacken always came to the studio to visit her. As their relationship was good, it was common for them to visit each other, and she did not suspect anything. However, the group of camera men always laughed, saying “Your ‘little brother’ dotes on you a lot, he always buys you food and visits you!” And from their comments, she became alert. This “little brother” had something strange about him. So, she dragged him out and asked “Which one do you like?” Hacken laughed without speaking. When she happened to capture Emily in the camera, Hacken revealed “This one’s quite good!” And the clever Xiaomei knew it.

When Emily won the competition, Hacken was even happier than when he had received an award himself, when he saw Xiaomei at the backstage. So, she concluded that her “little brother” was in love! And later on, they really developed sweetly. The 2 of them would dine and chat at her sometimes, or go fishing and BBQ. They included Xiaomei as the light bulb as this made them seemed more like friends on an outing, outsiders would not notice. And she helped him happily, and even wrote the song “Only want you to reply” for him.

After 15 years, Hacken and Emily met with many difficulties and tests. Such as how singers should avoid dating, Hacken’s low and high tides in his career, the pressure from the media, and much more. Together, they faced everything together!

Hosting and acting to open another path

At the end of it, they crossed every hurdle. The princess and prince had quite a perfect conclusion. Everybody could see it.

In 2002, Hacken returned to the Hong Kong Coliseum once again. He called Xiaomei and told her that she must attend. That night, when she entered the coliseum, she could find no empty seats. And Hacken’s father played the er hu (a Chinese musical instrument) and received applauds from the audience. This made Hacken present the confidence he possessed. She felt very comforting. This also meant that her “little brother” has overcome the hurdles and had grown up!

Not forgetting his first time receiving the Best Male Singer award

In that same year, Hacken received the Best Male Singer award for the first time. When he left the coliseum that night, the first one that he called was Xiaomei. Immediately, she congratulated him “Congratulations, you made it!” Over the other side, Hacken replied
”Yeah, I’m very happy!” Hacken had taste the highs and lows in his life, and has yet to pass 39 years of age. He will have an even greater tomorrow. He is now a husband today, but in her heart, he is still her “little brother” from back then.

Hacken is straightforward, but kind. Back then, some of Xiaomei’s friends from the media told her this “Tell your ‘little brother’ not to have such a cocky attitude!” Frankly speaking, he is like a master, he has been living in a world of love and concern. Recently, it is rumored that he is going to be a father soon. She wanted to send him an SMS but did not do so at the end. Because if everything goes well, she believes that he will tell her personally!

Hacken! Xiaomei is waiting for your good news! She promises to keep it a secret!

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