Gordon Lam Spotted with Rumored Girlfriend

Gordon Lam Ka Tung always handled his relationships in a low-key manner. Last year, it was rumored that Gordon was dating Fung Bo Bo’s niece, Rosetti, (who closely resembles Taiwanese artist, So Wai Lun).

Allegedly, Gordon’s focus on his acting career caused a rift in their relationship. However, Gordon was spotted with Rosetti in Kowloon City yesterday. When the pair noticed the presence of reporters, they went their separate ways, but at least it proved that they have mended their relationship!

Since romantically rumored with Charmaine Sheh Si Man several years ago, Gordon was linked with Rosetti recently. Aside from his demanding work schedule, the filial Gordon normally spent his free time with his elderly mother, thus not allowing him much time to date. No wonder there were rumors that Gordon’s relationship with Rosetti was rumored to be on the rocks!

Since entering the industry, Gordon maintained a good dating record, especially retaining a low profile in his relationship with Rosetti. Taking a filming break from new movie, 《葬禮》, Gordon was spotted going out with her last night.

On that day, Gordon drove Rosetti in his Toyota Harrier. After parking, the alert Gordon realized reporters were following them. Thus Rosetti got out of the car and entered a Hui Lau San store to buy a drink.

In her 20’s, Rosetti wore a pink t-shirt and jeans, displaying her shapely figure. After her purchase, she flagged a taxi and left. Gordon acted as if nothing happened and after stopping at the bank ATM, he left as well.

When reporters contacted Gordon, he denied that he was dating Rosetti.
“We are only friends! We were only chatting earlier. Sometimes we work together and I just gave her a lift.”

Drawing close to 40 years old, did Gordon consider dating? Gordon responded in a “tai-chi” like manner, “I will consider it later….”

Source: Appledaily

Credit: Many thanks to zhangs_wh for posting article at Netease BBS

Jayne: Rosetti is very pretty! Gordon is a lucky man if he were truly dating her!

Gordon has always been known as a good man and hard worker. I remember he once said the woman he marries has to be willing to live with his mother, since Gordon is a filial son!

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