2012 Good time to welcome Wealth God/Cai Shen 财神?



As usual, each year when it’s nearing to Chinese New Year, I will be searching around to find the right time to welcome the wealth god or commonly known as Choi San. Although health is always a priority, but I maintains my principle where living in this commercial world, with no money, one could not survive.

So I would really hope to have a better wealth every year. And with the beliefs, one who got the right time with the correct position (of praying) will have a wealthier days throughout the year. But there will be time and position could potentially welcoming unwanted luck. So it’s quite crucial to face the correct direction with the right timing.

In determining the right time and position, the zodiac horoscope of the prayers that will be praying will also be considered to avoid any conflict in welcoming the god.

How did you determine the time and facing location before praying?

I followed the reading from a chinese book which is usually translate by my grandpa. I remember the past year, newspaper did advertise the details as well. And I know some calendar have the information where it shows which zodiac sign is best avoided with the correct time, so the praying factor will follow base on it.

If you have some tips to share, do post and share it here!

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  1. Elizabeth Kinyua says:

    Please tell me the date and time of prosperity for me

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