Gong Li, Rene Liu Vie for Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Awards

Actress Award for the 12th Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Awards, scheduled to open on Sept. 1, China News reports.

Gong Li was nominated for her role as a tragic queen in director Zhang Yimou’s blockbuster “Curse of the Golden Flowers,” which has been a hit across the country since its release at the end of last year.

Her performance in the film won her the Best Actress Award of the Hong Kong Film Awards in April.

Popular Taiwan actress/singer Rene Liu was nominated for her performance in “Kidnap,” in which she played a policewoman whose son was abducted by one of her friends.

Big names vying for the Best Actor Award include last-year winner Simon Yam (Exodus), Sean Lau Ching Wan (“My Name Is Fame”), who won the Hong Kong Film Awards, Andy Lau (A Battle of Wits), Aaron Kwok (After This Our Exile), and Tony Leung Kai Far (Eye in The Sky).

Film “After This Our Exile,” which tells a moving family story, has been nominated for the Best Film Award. The movie, starring Hong Kong actor Aaron Kowk, has been given the Taipei Golden Horse Award in 2006 and the Hong Kong Film Award in April.

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