Goh Hyung-jeon: More at Ease in Her 30s

Goh Hyun-jeong is to make her big screen debut 16 years after she started acting. The film, “A Woman on the Beach” directed by Hong Sang-soo, goes on release on Aug. 31. Goh told the Chosun Ilbo her thoughts about her life and craft.

This is your first appearance on the big screen since you made your debut in 1989.

Many people around me warned me that acting in a movie is different from a TV drama, but I didn’t really see the difference. But after starting a mini-series for MBC last week, I realized that acting in the film had drained me. I had to cry for my first scene in the drama but couldn’t, even when the crew spent two or three hours creating the right atmosphere on the set. I thought that I was really good at crying scenes, but I just couldn’t.

Beside acting, did you realize any difference between movie and drama in terms of system?

Let me say that I feel like I am at my parent’s home when acting for soap operas and at my parents-in-law’s home when acting for movies. When it comes to movies, staff will be very nice to you but they are cold-blooded when making requests.

You are the biggest star among the actors in Hong’s films so far, but you agreed to be in the film for a trivial sum compared to what you can expect to earn in other films.

The film would have cost more than W3 billion (US$1=W959) if it paid all of its actors, actresses and crew their due, but it was actually produced with just half of that money. You just can’t pursue your own interest and also take circumstances around you into account. I think that all the people who took part in the movie made the best choice.

You are well over 30 now. When do you feel as if you are still in your 20’s and when do you accept that you are over 30 years old now?

When I meet a man, I feel like I am still in my 20s (smiles). When you turn 30, you have less and less of those moments when you hate or love something extremely. And you feel that you can understand anything when you get to know the reason. I don’t like those obscure feelings, but the fact that I have those feelings shows that I

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