Gillian Chung’s Personal Insights On Incident; How Charlene Choi Escaped The Incident

With ‘EasyFinder’ having secretly filmed popular artiste, Gillian Chung, changing in Malaysia, it has caused strong responses from the society. From the time of the tabloid released to Friday, Hong Kong’s ‘Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority’ has received 1726 complaints towards this tabloid.

Whether secretly filming should be equal to peeping, how the freedom of media and boundaries of media should go, this is surely what the attention of the whole city.

The victim, Gillian, accepted this interview and expressed she is suffering from lack of sleep and feeling terror because besides of not knowing whether the tabloid agency has any other photos on their hands, her photos are also being cut and pasted online. As to how her partner, Charlene Choi, was able to avoid this unfortunate event, it has to do with her washroom habits, but Charlene strongly expresses that she doesn’t feel lucky at all.

Even though this situation has already gone on for four days, but when seeing Twins on Friday morning in ShenZhen, we saw that the Gillian who used to appear brightly with a big smile now appears to be clouded over with her worries. Gillian frankly expressed that she is thankful for Charlene’s consoling recently, Charlene said, "I’m not that good at consoling people.", but Gillian said, "She continuously was pretending to be a detective, trying to figure out how the photos were taken." Looking at her partner, Gillian had a little smile revealed on her face.

Gillian expressed that she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep for these few days, "I don’t feel like sleeping. I keep thinking of how this happened and why it happened to me? This is the most horrible bullet that I’ve taken ever since coming into the ET Industry. We got notified of the incident one day before the tabloid came out; they even asked for a response from Mani. I was so agitated with my emotions that day. The first day, my eyes were swollen from the eyes; boils sprouted out, and to that point, I didn’t want to cry anymore."

Can’t Stabilize Emotions

But, not crying doesn’t mean that Gillian’s emotions have been stabilized. The main reason is because she nor her company know whether the tabloid agency has more photos or not. "We really don’t know; I’ve been scared about it all along. Today, Mani told me that the photos got cut and pasted to a naked body online, and it’s being posted around online. My company did send out a notice that the naked body doesn’t belong to me, but it’s still horrible!"

Because the tabloid pointed out that Gillian was changing in a public area, Gillian and Charlene both strongly expressed that it is impossible. "That room is specially designed for singers to be changing in it. It’s a small room; the front and left side of the room are all mirrors, the right side is a closet. Above the closet are some small windows that have been blurred to avoid anyone looking in." Does that mean that the camera was placed in the closet? Charlene said, "Because the left side of Gillian’s face had stickers on it, yet the in the photos, the stickers appeared on the right side of her cheek, so the photos should be of Gillian’s reflection; they were taken after the concert was completely over."

As to how Charlene was able to escape to unfortunate event, she said, "I actually always have to go to the washroom after each concert is over, so I usually change while I’m in there anyways. Lucky? I don’t want to describe it as being lucky. We’re a team. No matter what happens to either one of us, it’s still going to be a problem of two people. That’s why I don’t think I’m lucky. Just coincidentally, I went to the washroom and didn’t get filmed.

Towards the rumours of the tabloid buying these photos from someone, the two of them expressed that they did see three reporters from this tabloid at the concert in Malaysia. "We saw them in Genting. Feeling that they’re the only magazine who came from HK, we invited them to come along to our celebration party after the concert so that they’ll have something to bring back to their agency. We just don’t understand why they had to take photos like that. If we were the ones who had wardrobe malfunctions on-stage and they caught it, then we wouldn’t be able to complain about it, but these actions are no different than stealing and raping! People are arrested from filming skirt bottoms, but how come nothing’s happening to them?! Shouldn’t this be illegal as well?!"

Gillian: Readers Should Look At Themselves!

Gillian is also aware of the reprints. "I don’t see why they’re still doing that. Don’t they know it’s wrong? Just looking at the situation and disregarding that it happened to me, this is my unfortunateness for being the victim, but this is a problem of what the society has become. It’s only because there are people who want to read that the tabloids are publishing these reports. Readers should look at themselves!"

Gillian expressed strongly that she demands a good explaination, an official apology, and the retrieval of all photos. Would it still be a scary event when she has to work outside of HK again? "It will be scary when changing, but I will do a more careful check. If they’ve plotted it, then it will be hard to avoid." Charlene added, "We’ve already been careful; we’re aware of the tricks they use, so we always clean every single thing up before leaving hotel rooms." Gillian smiled again, "We don’t even leave behind one piece of hair. It’s as if we’ve never been in the room, but they’re bound to make up something like you didn’t bring a toothbrush. I just hope that something like won’t happen to us or any other artiste again." Angrily, Charlene expressed, "Male or female, the human body is the most private thing. We’re not porn stars, just two ordinary girls; why did they have to do this? The most important thing is to have the government establish laws that don’t allow cracks for criminals to slip through."

The Most Protected EEG Artiste

Gillian has always been the most protected EEG artiste. She has never done any intimate scenes nor has she given her first on-screen kiss out in her films. Even Andy Lau has expressed that Gillian is the female artiste that he wants to hug the most because she rarely gets hugged on-screen. We can see that Gillian’s ‘Jade Girl’ identity has been kept quite well. It’s said that the reason of EEG’s high protection of Gillian is because of following the wishes of her fans. Gillian has been seen as a dream lover by many people, so her fans feel that she’s someone who can’t be contaminated. There has also been comments online posted stating that they can’t accept Gillian filming intimate scenes while it’s okay for Charlene to. That is why Gillian’s protection is so different from other artistes.

Mani Fok stated, "Even though Gillian and Charlene are a group, but fans see their boundaries so differently. Charlene has the cute image, so fans feel it’s okay for her to do intimate scenes, but it turns out to be very different for Gillian. Fans have a big fantasy towards her, so they are cautious of each action she takes. We are afraid that her fans are going to oppose strongly, so that’s why when Gillian filmed ’49 Days’, she was only allowed to kiss Stephen Fung on the cheek. Gillian is most protected artiste of EEG. We’re very angry at what happened. Today, we had two colleagues fly over to Malaysia to report the case to the police. We’ve also passed the case onto a lawyer in HK. As to the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, I’ve contacted Stanley Tong; he expressed that he will support Gillian and will do something for her, telling us to relax. Twins’ fans have also gone at their own will to the tabloid office as a protest because they really do love Gillian. When Gillian’ being hurt, they won’t just sit aroun

Fortunately, Gillian’s image has not been damaged after this tabloid report, Mani expressed, "Today, there were two companies inviting Gillian to be their spokesperson. Even though we don’t know whether we can actually collaborate in the end, but it at least shows that the advertising companies haven’t been affected by the reports, and they are supporting Gillian even more than before."

The ET Circle Has A Touch Of Humanity

Through these two days, female social groups have been out all over voicing out about Gillian’s incident, and the ‘Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority’ has received close to 2000 complaints; on Friday, there were also a hundred fans out protesting to the tabloid agency. Adding to that is two companies contacting EEG to request for Gillian to be their spokesperson. With her popularity not being affected, it also has let Gillian understand that the ET circle and the society still has a touch of warmth. "I don’t feel a phobia to the ET circle; this incident actually let me realize that the ET circle still has a big touch of humanity. There were so many people sending me text messages and calling me; I’m also aware that there are many people out there sending out complaints to defend me. I guess this is a big fortunateness found in a pool of unforunateness. At least having this incident lets the public realize about the problem of secretly filming."

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