Gillian Chung Uses Kenny Kwan as a Shield to Avoid Alex Fong

Stands Far Away From Alex Fong
Gillian Chung Shields Herself With Kenny Kwan

Alex Fong, Gillian Chung, and Kenny Kwan, etc. appeared at the blessing ceremony for ‘Roadshow Music Awards Ceremony 2006’ yesterday afternoon. Despite that the previously rumoured couple, Alex and Gillian, appeared at the same place, they did not wave to each other nor speak to each other. During the blessing ceremony, they were separated by many other artistes. Gillian deliberately stood near the back and occupied herself by talking to Kenny. On the other hand, Alex took Kary Ng as his shield. Such avoidance!

Afterwards, Alex boasted that he brings luck to his partners, so he was asked if he is Gillian’s lucky charm? He replied, "Let’s not talk about that; I’m speaking of the people I have collaborated with, and I haven’t with her. The fortune teller said that my luck this year will be better than last year, but it is easy for me to get pulled in on gossip, especially with females, so I will speak less with females."

As for Gillian, she explained that she did not wave to Alex because they were standing too far apart. When asked if Gillian would want some luck from Alex due to his claim to bring luck to his partners, she replied, "I have pretty good luck myself, so I don’t need help from others, except for Charlene because we can help each other!" Although Gillian is not refusing to collaborate with Alex, she believes that there will be difficulty if they wanted to because they are from different companies. She said, "I’m afraid it is impossible for us to sing a duet together since his company has so many female singers already. (Because Alex has a defined duet partner, Stephy?) And I have Kenny!"

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