Gillian Chung Responds To Collaborating With Stephy, Edison, and Shawn

Ever since Gillian Chung entered the ET industry, her romance rumours have been incessantly increasing. She had just finished filming “The Fantastic Water Babes”, co-starring with her rumoured boyfriend, Alex Fong. Despite that the film has not premiered yet, the rumours between them have already helped with the promotional tactics.

Lately, a film company formed by Chapman To and Edmond Pang appears to want to use Gillian’s rumours as a gimmick by arranging for Gillian, her previously rumoured boyfriends, Shawn Yue and Edison Chen, and her rumoured enemy Stephy Tang to collaborate in a new film, 《破事兒》(Roughly Translated as “Little Matters”). Many topics will bound to stir up at the time.

At the beginning of Shawn’s and Edison’s showbiz careers, they were rumoured to have a rivalry because they were both courting Gillian, thus resulting in the “Shoulder Incident”. Towards this arrangement in the new film, Gillian responded, “This is how Edmond Pang has designed it to be. I heard from Mani that the film will have Chapman and Stephy, but I’m not clear about the other casts.”

This film will be the first time that Gillian and Stephy collaborate on-screen, yet Stephy is said to be Gillian’s enemy? Gillian responded with a joke, “Stephy and I don’t have any rumours together. . . but maybe after the film, it’ll be the two of us who have ‘fallen in love’ instead!”

Is Gillian afraid of more rumours of rivalry then? She answered, “It’ll be whatever the media chooses to write. Personally, I feel that it’s quite okay that I’ll be working with Stephy.” As with Edison and Shawn, Gillian have worked with both of them before, yet the three of them have not been under the same screen before. Will Gillian be afraid that rumours will become the focal point? Gillian replied, “This isn’t my decision, nor is it my choice. (Do you mind of working with people you’re rumoured with?) We’re all actors, and we all just want to do the best of our job. (Are there any romance scenes?) I’m not certain about the unconfirmed cast.”

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