Gillian Chung May Have a Kissing Scene with Nicholas Tse

Twins, Frances Yip, Elisa Chan, Eric Suen and Dutch violinist, David Garrett were the guests on this week’s ‘Jade Solid Gold’. On the show, Elisa, Frances and David performed ‘Carmen’ which Elisa later disclosed she was captivated by David as they performed.

When asked to comment about Miriam Yeung’s name being called out by fans at her rumoured boyfriend, Ronald Cheng’s concert in Malaysia, Charlene Choi said, “They are calling Charlene now, did you not know that?” The singer then continued by saying that as she had not heard about this incident, she does not wish to comment. Gillian Chung then quickly changed the subject by telling reporters that it has been hard work filming in Shanghai. Gillian disclosed that after waking up in the morning, she has to travel 2 hours by car to the shooting set and that as she is playing Nicholas Tse’s girlfriend in the series, there may be kissing scene. She then revealed that she has been talking to Nicholas on the phone a lot, when asked if she had heard anything sweet about Cecilia, Gillian had a weird reply of, “I do not eavesdrop while he is on the phone!”

Charlene, who is currently filming ‘Slam Dunk’ with Jay Chou, was asked if she has seen his new girlfriend. She answered, “Who was his old girlfriend? (A tabloid has reported that his new girlfriend is a model!) I have not seen any models.”

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