Gillian Chung & Alex Fong Romance Rumours Draws to an End

Gillian Chung, Alex Fong, Eva Huang and newcomer actor, Zu-Yang Zhang were at the man made beach located at HITEC filming for ‘TFWB’ (出水芙蓉) on Saturday night. Alex disclosed that the filming of the movie is drawing to and end. The actor-singer also revealed that this is the highest budget and longest shooting time movie he has ever worked on. The movie has taken approximately taken two and a half months to complete, with the longest scene of the movie taking two weeks to finish shooting.

Alex expressed that he will miss working with the cast and crew of ‘TFWB’ but he believes that there is a chance for future collaboration because the entertainment industry is not that big. When asked if he will miss Gillian, Alex replied by saying that he was not sure how to answer the question because if he was to say no, it would seem that he has bad manners. In the movie, Alex and Gillian have a few argument scenes so it is evident the two are compatible. Although he had never worked with the director, Jeff Lau, before, Alex believed that he has a lot from him.

Alex was then questioned if he found any difference between Gillian and his usual working partner, Stephy Tang, to which he immediately replied, “Trying to trip me up again? They cannot be compared. (Who are you more compatible with?) It cannot be compared because if the director has chosen the person, it means that the person is suitable for the role. It has been a pleasure working with Gillian, I hope there will be chances to work with her again in the future. (What do you think of Gillian’s acting?) It is not up to me to judge. There were a few NGs because I forgot my lines. Thankfully the director was not mad.”

Gillian revealed that the hardest part of shooting the movie were not the swimming scenes but facing the harsh weather. But because Gillian is not a good swimmer, the swimming scenes were often challenging and so, substitutes were used. She then expressed that the completion of the movie also meant the ending of her rumours with Alex. When asked if she minded being romantically linked Alex and Juno Mak, Gillian refused to answer.

Recently, Gillian has been busy running between filming the movies ‘Mei Lan Fang’ (梅蘭芳) and ‘TFWB’. Once, when she missed a flight to Beijing from Guangzhou, her whole team had to return to Hong Kong after another flight to China’s capital was cancelled. Regarding her crazy fan ‘007’, Gillian was asked if she will publicly reject him, she answered, “I do not know whether to use Chinese or English. Last time I spoke to him in Chinese and he seemed to not understand.”

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