Gilian in The Fantastic Water Babes

It has been reported that Gillian Chung has been furious about being romantically linked with Juno Mak. Despite having publically shown her annoyance when asked about their relationship, Gillian and Juno are now playing lovers in a new movie! At the start, the two were evidently avoiding each other but after the normally ‘cool’ Gillian broke the ice by starting a conversation, Juno was seen smiling happily.

Gillian, who has been always popular amongst the males, has just recently finished shooting the new movie, ‘The Fantastic Water Babes’ with rumoured boyfriend, Alex Fong. She is now playing alongside Juno Mak, who portrays the role of a mechanic, as an innocent school girl. A few moths ago, it was revealed that Juno had been trying to pursue Gillian by sending her text messages. Gillian has been extremely irritated by these rumours and has had a long face whenever she was asked about their relationship.

It seems that both Gillian and Juno are still affected by the rumours because when shooting for the movie, ‘破事兒’ on Sunday, the two did not talk and even when they crossed paths, they acted as if they did not know each other. During the lunch break, Gillian and Juno sat in their company car. Even when the producer, Chapman To and director, Ho-Cheung Pang, wanted to speak about the characters, they were talked to separately. But after warming up, Gillian seemed to lower her barriers and she approached Juno to show him her ‘do’. By breaking the ice, Gillian made Juno, who initially only dared to glance at her from a distance, smile happily.

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