Gigi Lai Not Worried of Rumors with Kevin Cheng for Upcoming Series

Yesterday Gigi Lai and Kevin Cheng were at a new series Enjoyable Life ??????’s costume fitting. In the series they are a couple and Gigi was asked if she is worried there will be rumors with Kevin, “No, we didn’t have any rumors when were were filming ?????? earlier so I am not worried.” In the series Gigi plays a girl who is talented in writing but has a crippled right hand. Gigi claims that it requires alot of skills, “Right now I am practicing not using my right hand and using my left hand to write my name!”

As with Kevin said to have recieved $1,000,000 for filming a health advertisement, Kevin said, “It’s not as much as they say. They just made the amount up. I’m afraid of the taxes.” Kevin was also said to have sat next to TVB high executive Lok Yi Ling at her birthday party. He said, “There were alot of people that day and I just sat next to Liu Jia Chang.”

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