Gigi Lai Gets Fired; Eddie Kwan in a Fit of Rage

Caption: Eddie Kwan and Gigi Lai rehearse their lines before actual filming. In one scene, Eddie Kwan’s temperament was violent as he shouted loudly.

During the filming of TVB’s new series, "Jewel’s Splendor" has resulted in numerous rumors such as leading actresses, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, and Maggie Shiu not getting along. It appears that the male leads Bowie Lam and Eddie Kwan Lai Kit have been neglected in press coverage. However, Eddie finally stole the limelight in a recent scene for "Jewel’s Splendor."

Gigi and Eddie were filming a scene at Kowloon City Park, where Gigi’s character was fired by her boss. Gigi expressed her disappointment, while Eddie flew into a fit of rage.

During rehearsal, Eddie was deeply immersely in his character and wore an angry expression. As he shouted out his lines, the surrounding residents thought that there was a real argument between lovers at the park.

However the passerbys quickly realized that Gigi and Eddie were filming for "Jewel’s Splendor." Since filming took place at 10 PM, no one filed noise complaints. One spectator called out Eddie’s character’s name, Eric, as a friendly joke. At this point, Gigi and Eddie finally lowered their voices, realizing the noise may be disturbing to nearby residents. Filming finally wrapped up at 12 midnight.

Gigi wore an elegant and trendy outfit for the scene. Although she had to act disappointed in getting fired, Eddie’s violent temper was far greater.
During the filming, Eddie repeatedly shouted out, "He fired you?! I won’t let anyone fire my girlfriend!"

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