Gigi Lai Films Ad in Three Languages

Gigi Lai filmed a television ad for a skincare company earlier, wearing a short dress and looking just like a model. In the studio, she had to use Cantonese, Mandarin and English to talk about how she manages to keep such a slim face.

The ad is for youthful skin tightening cream and Gigi wore a cream coloured v-neck dress for the shoot and tied back her hair to show off her ‘melon seed’ face and fine facial features. this ad will be aired in many countries across Asia, so Gigi had to repeat it in three languages . Fortunately for Gigi who often works overseas and has to memorise difficult lines for her acting, this was not a problem.

The shoot started early in the morning and went on until 2 am, but Gigi did not seem tired at all and often discussed the results with the crew. An executive from the Singaporean head office was also on hand to watch over proceedings, showing the importance of this ad. Gigi indicates that to keep her features, she has to do regular exercise and avoid eating too much salty food. Of course you also have to have the right face cream to get rid of puffy cheeks.

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