Gigi Lai Encounters Adam Cheng in Sales Presentation

Gigi Lai hails from a cinematic family and from a young age, she has been a big fan of ‘Chor Lau Heung, but she has never had the opportunity to work opposite the star of the show Adam Cheng himself. She recently fulfilled her dream as she finally worked opposite Adam and she was a little awestruck praising him for being very handsome.

Gigi has always seen Adam as her idol, but they have never formally worked together. Filming a sales presentation clip for “Golden Spear steel Horse” with Adam made her very happy indeed: “I was a big fan of ‘Chor Lau Heung’ when I was younger because he is so suave. I even dreamed that I saw Adam and he is still so handsome. I am so happy to be able to work with my idol, the feeling is very interesting and it is like a dream come true!” Apart from Adam, Gigi also admires Patrick Tse Yin as she says he is very mature, smooth, tall and handsome. Unfortunately, Gigi says she will not be able to film this series next year because of her busy schedules.

On the day of filming, Adam wore an ancient costume and was suddenly possessed by Chor Lau Heung in his posture and gestures. He returned the compliments for Gigi, saying she was very sweet and beautiful. As for whether he will film this series next year, he says: “We will see. My wife says that having to fight and ride horses will be dangerous, so I don’t know if she will let me film it. I still have to make a living though. (Would you like to work with Gigi?) I don’t mind, as long as there is a pretty girl, then I will like it.”

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