Gigi Lai Bought 10 Carat Diamond to Reward Herself

Gigi Lai Chi and Bowie Lam attended China’s Southern Metropolis Newspaper’s awards last night. Gigi received an award for 10 years of outstanding achievement in television. Gigi indicated that "War and Beauty" brought her both fame and fortune. Recently, the stock market performance has been strong, boosting Gigi’s income.

Gigi said, "I bought 10 carats in diamonds [to reward myself]. Although the diamonds were expensive, but they have long-lasting value."

Shouldn’t men buy the diamonds for Gigi? "It’s more invaluable if I purchase them myself. [Men] can’t buy me with money! As long as they are sincere and have inner beauty, then that’s enough!"

Bowie teased Gigi and asked what if the man suffers a business failure and he wants to borrow money from her? Gigi responded, "He doesn’t have to borrow the money. I will be able to support him!" Bowie laughed and said Gigi was naive.

Since Bowie has to film "Jewel’s Splendor," he had to turn down 2 mainland China series, causing him to lose out on some money-making opportunities.

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