Genie Zhuo nearly fell out with Gary Cao on Second Collaboration

The last time they collaborated, both were singing sweetly “Liang Shan Bo & Juliet”. However, this second time they worked together, they nearly went into an argument. The truth is that being a producer for the first time,
Gary was not too willing to correct Genie. He only told her to resing. The atmosphere within the recording studio dropped to freezing level. They wanted to quarrel once they saw each other and so required the help of bystanders. When the disagreement was settled on the second day, the anxious problem was being solved.

During normal days, eventhough Genie and Gary often get into arguments, their relationship can be said to be quite good. Having a previous collaboration experience, it was thought that such tacit understanding could be brought into the studio. Who would know it turned out to be just the opposite. Gary, being a first-time producer, has to work on Genie’s new song in her upcoming album, “Happy Breathing Air”. To accommodate Gary’s liking for a familiar
working environment, Genie specially flown over to Malaysia. On the very day she arrived in the country, Genie had started singing. Perhaps it was due to such rush that she has not recovered from her weariness. Otherwise, it could be that Gary was handling production job for the first time, both were extremely nervous. The whole process was not smooth at all.

No matter how many times Genie sang, it could not meet Gary’s requirements. As they are both friends, Gary was not straightforward in mentioning her faults. So Genie had to sing repeatedly and soon, anger spread. Both were on the verge of quarreling. People who were by their side suggested for the work to be continue on the next day. After Genie returned to the hotel where she stayed, she rehearsed the song again. On the day that followed, they decided to talk things through. The result was that this song, “I’m happy because you have loved me before” finished its recording stage with success.

The above song was regarded by Gary to be a ballad he is most satisfied with after “Betrayal”. Genie had been pressing him to write her songs but he didn’t submit anything. Not until at last when the inspiration came and
he just spent 45 minutes in composing this song. Gary was confident about it and reneged on a promise in the hope of singing the song itself. The record company expressed, “No way, the music arrangement has already been done. We’ll keep it only in Genie’s album.”

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