Gangster High Trailer

Jeong Kyeong-ho
Lee Tae-seong
Jang Hee-jin
Kim Hye-seong

Release Date:
Oct 19 2006

Director: Park Ki-hyeong

Gangster High ("Pokryeok Sseokeul") Director Park Ki-hyeong, who previous works include the orignal Whispering Corridors and Acacia now tries his hand at an action/drama. Sang-ho, a high school student and founder of the Tigers, a soccer team consisting of his friends, finds himself accidently drawn into a fight and as a result, he and his friends are labelled as delinquents. Sang-ho will be played by Jeong Kyeong-ho (When Romance Meets Destiny, All For Love) while the parts of his friends are played by Lee Tae-seong (Blossom Again), Jang Hee-jin (Non Stop 5), and Kim Hye-seong (Jeni, Juno). This is a Taewon Entertainment/Dada Pictures film, and it is currently scheduled for an October 19 release through Showbox.

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