Gallen support good friend’s ‘798 Oil Painting Exhibition’

2006 Beijing Creativity Culture Festival ‘798 oil painting exhibition’ containing Yang Su San and Chen Zhu Jun’s artworks. Hong Kong famous artist Gallen Lo attended personally to congratulate them.

Gallen looks at every piece of artwork very seriously.
He likes Yang Su San’s ‘Four Season’ series of s ‘Summer’ and ‘Spring’ and in Chen Zhu Jun’s ‘Rose’ series of ‘Roses Open The Most’.

Gallen said that he joined Hu Jia Han Yue’s (????) press conference not long ago at Beijing. Coincidently his good friends is having an art exhibition there and therefore he went over to congratulate them. Gallen actually likes to draw very much himself and always went to Hong Kong’s ??? to see the art exhibition there. He started to learn Chinese painting and calligraphy since young. Gallen said Chinese painting and calligraphy have a ‘qi gong'(??) feel and can decrease the level of depression/stress. Now he will always take out a Chinese brush and teach his son to draw some simple Chinese paintings. He usually draw horse paintings influenced by Xu Bei Hong’s (???
) style while his calligraphy is influenced by Lian Yan Ti’s style ( ???). However, these works of his has always been kept and even his 2 friends, Yang and Chen do not know that he can draw.

Gallen did not plan to held his own art exhibition but he decided to snap some pictures of his artworks and upload them in his blog to let his fans to see. His blog is still under construction and will be release soon. Nowadays he has been exploring on Picasso’s drawings’ He smiles and said: ‘Picasso’s painting are very difficult, still observing and learning.’

Yang is HK’s sophisticated media person, HK (?????) TV station advisor and radio station DJ. While Chen is Disney’s Asian and Pacific area transport business vice- president Zhou’s (???) wife, responsible for professional design company. This is the first time Yang and Chen taking part in Creativity Culture Festival ‘798 oil painting exhibition’ in China. They only brought four paintings each. They hope that this way would allow them to communicate with China’s artist and able to have a larger art exhibition in China in the future.

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