Gallen Lo in New China Series with Flora Chan

Gallen Lo Ka Leung is currently filming new mainland series "Wolf Smoke" ????. Other cast members include Flora Chan Wai San, Yi Nan Ching, To Yu Lo etc. The series will be 26 episodes and centers around the Chinese military. The script is written by renown military novelist, Wang Wei (known for his work "DA Teacher") and produced jointly by the Jiangsu TV station and the Nanjing Military Command department.

At the press conference for "Wolf Smoke," Gallen expressed his excitement in playing a military leader in ther series. He will try to grasp the innermost feelings of a military figure and play it in an honorable manner.

Since his series "Cold Blood Warm Heart" and "At a Threshold of an Era," Gallen has been known as TV’s #1 Brother and the King of TV. Gallen said he never expected to play the role of a military figure and said as a Hong Kong actor, he is honored to have this opportunity.

In 2003, "the DA Teacher" opened the market demand for creative works centered about military themes. It created a brand-new military concept of a digitized army which did not exist at the time. "Wolf Smoke" will focus on national defense and the construction of the armed forces, offering a refreshing perspective for viewers.

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