Frustrated Ang Lee Roars Out of Control; LeeHom and Other Cast Hide

New Chinese film "Se, Jie (Lust, Caution)" (Also rumored to be called "Lao Yi De Gu Shi"), was filming a night scene in Ipoh’s Zheng Anshou road.

There was a particular scene that focused around Leehom and Tang Wei, in which they were in a cable car in the rain. However, while they were filming this scene the driver of the car kept on driving in the wrong direction. The driver didn’t seem to be very good at directions or driving and while driving the person constantly NGed.

Lee Ang is one of the most clam, patient, and gentle directors. Not only does he not get mad easily, he will also frequently display a happy smiling face. However, he began to grow more impatient every time the driver made a mistake. It was around 1:40 at night, and Ang Lee finally couldn’t stand it anymore and ran to the driver, shouting, "Turn left! Turn left! Turn left! Did you not know that this is what I wanted?" His roaring voice was so threatening that even the people that were meters away could hear him. At that moment, all cast and crewmembers, including the usually cheerful Leehom Wang, stood in silence.

Ang Lee was also frustrated at the fact that while filming the crew also had to postpone the shoot for an hour because they discovered the paparazzi tailing them.


The filming was delayed multiple times because of tailing paparazzi who wouldn

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