Foreign Companies to Enter Chinese Album Market

With China strengthening her protection of intellectual property rights, many foreign album companies are planning to enter the Chinese market.

Many foreign album companies have long wanted to get a share of China’s big music market, but their worries about piracy stopped them.

With the decline of the European music market, many album companies in Western countries have begun to consider China as their next profit growth point, even a remedy to save the global music market. Currently, the Chinese CD and DVD market is worth 114 million pounds, and it is still growing very fast. Being a rapidly developing country with 1.3 billion population, the Chinese music market has nearly infinite potentials. China’s entry into the WTO also offers foreign companies a chance of access to a market with more than 400 million latent customers. No wonder the word "China" sounds like a cardiac stimulant to the declining world music industry.

As a matter of fact, there is no unbridgeable gap between music of different cultural backgrounds, and Chinese are famous for their being able to embrace different cultures. Many foreign album companies are very optimistic about developing the Chinese music market, as long as their worried about piracy are gone.

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