For the first time, Taiwanese group F4 will jointly visit Korea

Exploded to fame over the past seven years, that reached their height at the TV serial "Meteor Garden", Taiwanese group F4 members Jerry Yan, Vaness Wu, Vic Zhou and Ken Zhu will now officially visit Korea for the first time.

F4, in their capacity as Taiwanese tourism ambassadors will visit Korea on March 9, after holding their March 7 fan gathering in Tokyo, Japan. They originally planned to hold a similar fan gathering in Korea but it was already canceled, to the regret of many Korean fans.

In addition, there are plans to hold local fan gathering on April 22 in Taiwan, dispelling all rumors of F4 disbanding.

F4 will even unite in Korea for the first time. Last November 2004, F3 Vic, Vanness and Ken attended the Asian Music Fest Awards. while on December 2004, only Jerry attended the M-net Music TV festival. Since then, they hadn’t got a chance to appear as one. But for the first time after 4 years of separation, they regrouped on March 2004 and held their Hong Kong concert in April.

In 2001, F4 has released their first music album "Meteor Rain" and by means of their TV serial "Meteor Garden" they became highly famous. It was followed by the release of "Fantasy Forever" and then the "360 Degrees F4 Five Glorious Years Collection which has a collection of their album songs and interviews composing of 6 discs.

In addition, F4 member Vanness Wu and a Korean actress (Po Zhi Yin) will shoot a TV serial entitled "Huge Theater" on July this year.

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