Fong Pao, Hong Kong Actor Passed Away

Much-loved Hong Kong actor Fong Pao has passed away at Ruttonjee Hospital at 3:30pm on Friday, reports sina entertainment.

Fong Pao was born in Southeast China’s Jiangxi province on November13th, 1922. He majored in law at college. Later he began acting in Hong Kong and became famous. He participated in more than 50 movies and directed 18 movies. He eventually got involved in TV dramas in the 1980s.

Known for his endless enthusiasm for performances, Fong Pao has left us with popular works such as The Phantom Lover, Quyuan, The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain, and many more.

Fong Pao was honored as one of a hundred excellent actors at the China Film Centennial this year, and left his handprints on Hong Kong

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