FollowUp: Further reaction to EasyFinder candid Chung photos

A few things have happened over the weekend and into this week regarding the publication of candid photos of HK entertainer Gillian Chung.

1.A televised press conference was held yesterday, "Privacy and Dignity: Hong Kong people’s business". Many HK stars were in attendance to show their support for this ideal and for Gillian: Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Simon Yam and Daniel Wu were among those in attendance.

2. Prior to that Chung filed a lawsuit againt EasyFinder asking for the publication to hand over all source materials of the photos in question.

3. Jackie Chan and Tony Leung Ka-fai led a silent walk to government offices as a demonstration against the incident. Jackie Chan handed over a signed petition asking for tighter restrictions on coverage by the press. "As public figures, we should allow our pictures to be taken. If we crash our cars when we’re drunk, it serves us right. People should scold us. But for a girl to be photographed when she’s in a changing room, such a private place, is despicable behavior," he said.

4. Despite protests from the press that restrictions are a threat to press freedom the HK government has promised to review privacy laws when they recovene in September. "I agree with the criticism of the photo," Tsang told reporters. "I believe there is a need to strike a balance between press freedom and privacy. We will launch fresh round of discussions (on privacy laws)."

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