Flora Chan films new TVB Series in 2007, Ada Choi Responds to Award Loss

Flora Chan Wai San and Ada Choi Siu Fun appeared at a health promotional event ?????????? yesterday. The event was jointly sponsored by a beauty center and Lam Kin Ming, who founded a cardiac awareness program. Ada was the health spokesperson at the event and spoke about depression and led 350 participants in a yoga demonstration.

Flora Chan donated $20,000 (HKD) at the health event yesterday. Flora also revealed that she will be filming a new series with TVB in 2007! When reporters asked if Flora will be considering marriage again? She said that she would if the right opportunity arises.

Through the health event, Ada hopes that more people will understand the signs of depression/ moodiness. Due to the nature of work in the industry, Ada often feels stressed, but her religious beliefs have helped her maintain a positive outlook.

Although Ada did not win the Best Actress Award, she is not disappointed. Awards are not important to her and would not give her undue stress. But Ada sympathized with Charmaine Sheh Si Man. Since Charmaine won awards this year, she will undoubtedly be followed closely by the paparazzi.

Ada also felt that Charmaine deserved her awards because she put in hard efforts in her series. Ada watched "Maiden’s Vow" and due to the changing eras and different characters that Charmaine played, the roles would pose as a challenge for any actress.

Ada also received a text message from Sheren Tang Shui Man after the anniversary. Sheren said she is happy that she was included in the Top 5 Finalists for Best Actress. Reporters asked why Ada did not attend the banquet celebrating Charmaine’s win? Ada said that on the day of the awards ceremony, she was working from noon onwards and wanted to go home afterwards to rest. Also Ada did not receive an invitation from Charmaine to attend. Ada said it is not a big issue, as long as she and Charmaine understand each other. Charmaine will understand that Ada is happy for her.

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