Flora Chan and Gallen Lo Reunite in Wolf Scent,

"Helen" and "Tim" Reunite in Wolf Scent

It’s been 6 years since At The Threshold of an Era was first aired on TVB channel, but for die-hard fans of Helen-n-Tim, the pain and the regret still linger until this day…

And for the last week, Gallora fans have all been on an emotional roller-coaster, when the names of their beloved idols appeared on the same cast list of Wolf Scent. Early news reports suggested yet another Tim-Helen story – perfect mutual understanding and ridiculous bad timing.

It won’t, of course, be the end of the world. All we have to do is wait for another… 6 years, maybe! For now, let us just cherish the fact that in the vast ocean of strangers and the endless permutation of choices, Gallen and Flora have finally… collided!

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