Fiona Yuen’s $10,000 Make-up Budget

Fiona Yuen was the guest model for a Christmas cosmetics promotion yesterday and she says that after Halloween, she is looking forward to Christmas now. Fiona reveals that she spends a five figure sum on make-up every month and she feels that a girl looks more energised after putting on her make-up, so she will always have it on when she goes out. Asked if her boyfriend likes to see her without make-up, she clarifies that she does not have a boyfriend at the moment and in the past her boyfriends have not mentioned anything.

Fiona joined Eunis Chan earlier on a trip to England to film for food and drink programme "Eating East and West", where she stayed for about ten days and made ‘Ginger Juice with Baked Egg Pudding’ and ‘Lamb in XO Sauce’ for the local chefs. Asked if she will have a foreign romance, Fiona says that her impression of British gentry is only so-so and even though Prince William is handsome, there is little chance of meeting him, so she would rather put her efforts into releasing her book.

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