Fiona Sit dating with Khalil Fong

Recently Fiona and Khalil have been meeting up a lot, yesterday they have been seen at the cinema for the movie ã€Šæ„›åœ¨é™é çš„é™„è¿‘ã€‹ at 11.45 PM. When they left the cinema and saw the reporters, they stood still to let them take a picture. They asked Fiona or male friend Jaycee Fong would mind. She said: “No, because we’re just friends! Besides at the cinema it’s so noisy, we wouldn’t get intimate there! “(Why didn’t you asked Jaychee to join you?)”Normally we would be together with the 3 of us.” Fiona said to the reporters Khalil isn’t a real gentlemen, so won’t bring her home. So they went home on their own.

Yesterday, Khalil was in the studio and answered the questions of reporters, he said that he asked Fiona to go to the cinema with him, revealing that he, she and Jaychee are good friends. When the reporter asked or Khalil was helping revealing Jaychee and Fiona relation, he responded that the question is too boring and don’t want to talk about it.

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