Fiona Leung Ngai Ling in Car Accident; Sent to Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Former TVB artist, Fiona Leung Ngai Ling (aka Leung Pui Ling) suffered a serious automobile accident yesterday while filming in Australia.

Fiona was filming in Adelaide, Australia with a team of 7 people for a gospel program. At 6 PM last night, the traffic accident occurred, with Fiona and another crew member bodily thrown out of their vehicles at the time of impact.

Fiona suffered the heaviest injuries among those involved in the accident. Several of Fiona’s ribs were broken and she was sent to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for further monitoring.

Fortunately, Fiona’s face and other bodily parts were not seriously injured.

The van and filming equipment inside were seriously damaged. Other crew members caught in the traffic accident were quickly rushed to the hospital, but aside from Fiona, most suffered minor injuries and were able to check out on the same night.

While waiting for the ambulance after the accident, Fiona retained her consciousness and suffered no injuries in her facial area. Despite her multiple fractured ribs, Fiona is in stable condition and there is no threat to her life. However she will remain in the hospital’s ICU for ongoing monitoring of her condition.

The gospel production company is eager to fly the injured parties back to Hong Kong [so they can reunite with family and friends] as soon as their condition allows. Fiona’s Christian group has also reached out to its numerous members to pray for Fiona’s recovery. Despite the occurence of this accident, no lives were taken and many felt that God had protected them from serious harm.

Update: Fiona Leung’s situation has stabilized and she has been transferred from the ICU department to a regular patient room. Due to her condition, she will not be immediately returning to Hong Kong yet. Fiona’s family has flown to Australia to visit her at the hospital.

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