Filming at the same place where a Police Officer was Recently Murdered Scares Fiona Sit(Spoilers),

Fiona Sit, Sammul Chan and Francois Huynh were filming for “Cadets on the Beat” yesterday at the pedestrian subway where a real serving police officer was murdered earlier. Having refused to have her character die there previously, Fiona seemed very scared as she filmed, causing to a string of over ten outtakes. She says: “It was not because of that, I am a Christian and have calmed myself by praying. (Have you brought anything to protect you?) No, it is all just in my heart.” Fiona did not dare to venture anywhere near the staircase where the incident happened, whereas Sammul was very calm about it: “I believe that if I have done no harm to others, then I have nothing to worry about. This is the first time I have been to this subway.”

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