Fengshui 2009 Year of OX

It’s another year now, the 2009! Everyone has been through ups and down the previous year, with the economy downturn strikes at the end of 2008 year of rat. Some have predicted it may not be ending anytime in the beginning period of ox year (2009) and some predicted it will be getting better. For what it would be, everyone hopes for good and looking for a better life.

I, myself believes in Fengshui. At time, luck comes in place but when there isn’t any luck, some enhancer will be required to usher the luck in. Fengshui is very wide in coverage. There are of variety in Fengshui, the work, living hall, cosmetics, dining hall and even the sleeping room. It wasn’t just something clear where thing can be done within a day or at a very low cost. Besides, its got to be handled with much care as it is very much fragile just like a glass. Doing it wrongly would anytime welcoming disasterous tragic.

As year 2009 is the year of ox, starting 4th February 2009 at 00.51 hour, the fengshui settings may change and require some modification to ones’ paht chee. Do make a research on the TAI SUI (Grand Duke), WU WANG (5 Yellow) and SAM SART (3 killings) position base on individual birth date and time to ensure the right Fengshui setting is practice and in place to avoid unnecessary harmful qi (killing).

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