Feng Shui Wedding gowns

How does Feng Shui and Wedding Gowns Interrelate? Feng Shui deals with energy that is all around us. Energy can be static, stagnant, refreshing revitalizing, sticky and much more. The energy you desire on your Wedding Day should be new, fresh, alive and vibrant. The Wedding Dress is the catalyst for the Wedding Moments.

The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress is the focal point of the entire Wedding. The flowers, decorations…all revolve around the beauty of the bride. Beware of buying or renting a dress that is about someone else’s dreams and not yours. The best way to begin a Wedding is with the Bride choosing her own style of dress.

The style of the dress sets the stage. A formal dress depicts a conservative bride and wife-to-be while a short informal dress illustrates a bride willing to take risks and sometimes may be too carefree.

The gown chosen represents the Bride.

What to Buy?
Before you purchase your wedding gown be sure it is your choice. Do not buy a gown to please your mom or mother-in-law. Feng Shui works with the energy fields that swirl around us at all times. On your wedding, there will be high vibrations all around you with the excitement of your next step in life. The dress, if designed for someone else will bring down the vibrations without your awareness.

For example, you purchase a wedding dress that your mom thinks you look beautiful in. The dress is pretty but in the back of your mind you love the Victorian Dress that everyone says is outdated and you need something that is more suited to your body structure. You take their advice and you leave a part of yourself with the Victorian Dress. You need to ask yourself what is it about that dress your desire? Is it an extension of your personality? Does it speak of your love to your future husband? Or is it something unexplainable. Wear a dress that makes you shine when you see the reflection. Do not wear a dress that reflects your mother-in-law, mom, sister or grandma.

Begin the journey with your husband as a true representation of who you are. Too many marriages start with trying to please others and the most important person for that moment is you.

With the wild costs of wedding dresses many are renting the dress for their special day. Know who wore the dress before you rent it. Was the bride happy or was she getting married out of convenience or because she felt that was the best she could ever do? All her misapprehensions are in every fibre of the dress.

Warning: Never borrow or rent a dress from a bride that is divorced. If you must be sure to do a sacred cleaning to the dress.

Go to a variety of stores and saunter up and down the aisles of dresses. Feel the dress and notice the sensations you feel. Sometimes you will think the dress is awful or be indifferent or fall madly in love with the dress. Usually the first dress your eyes draw upon is the ultimate dress for you

Try on the dresses. Look in the mirror and really feel the dress. How do you feel? Are you comfortable, uncomfortable, sexy, beautiful, plain…? These are all important questions.

For example, a beautiful beaded gown imported from Spain may make you feel plain. The design is delicate and beautiful but it does not speak to your soul. For my wedding, Audrey Hepburn’s simplicity in gowns spoke to me. No train or fancy lace or intricate bead work. It made me feel uncomfortable and the reflection was not beautiful.

As I dressed in a gown with a simple design and gorgeous wrap my whole body radiated. It was a dress for only me. I had people make grand suggestions and I refused.

Many people are involved in the Wedding, give them control over flowers or the food but keep the Wedding Gown purchase to you.

Vibrations stick to us like honey, once they are on us they are difficult to remove. Your Wedding Gown should be filled with love and great intentions. A way to fill your gown with happiness is to bless it.

Put on your wedding gown and look into a full length mirror. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on your wedding day. Experience the kiss and all the moments, the first dance… After you experience the Wedding Day, imagine the life you are embarking on. Feel the sensations of living with your husband, your first meal, your first big purchase… bring all those images to your dress. Every image makes a mark on your dress to be a reminder of your dreams. Your gown is covered with your goals and is a great start to a happy and prosperous marriage.

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