Feng Shui for High-Tech Companies

“Haven’t you seen these high-tech companies and all they have are computers and equipment? There’s nothing soft about them at all, and they’re very dehumanizing,” Wong says. They’re too yang. “If you’re in a high-tech environment, for heaven’s sake bring some plants to work. Automatically, the soft lines of a philodendron will soften it up.” Putting plants, especially those with rounded leaves, in the east or southeast area of an office will bring harmony with people and prosperity to the office.

Why put the plants in the east or southeast? Because each direction has a corresponding element–fire is south; earth is northeast and southwest; metal is northwest and west; wood is east and southeast; water is north–and objects made of these elements, or pictures of them, should be in their corresponding directions. Wood, the elements plants and flowers fall under, is east and southeast. What you wouldn’t want to place in the wood area are candles or any fire elements, since fire destroys wood. Likewise, Wong explains, “Don’t go putting a picture of water in the south because it puts out the fire.”

Wong activates the water element in her own office by placing a small bowl of water with a crayfish in it on her desk. You might choose to place an aquarium on the north wall of your office or merely hang a seascape or photo of a waterfall there. Some people opt for small desktop fountains.

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