Felix Wong Not Interested In Filming Series Right Now

Although Felix Wong Yat Wah is not a Christian, he has agreed to appear in several promotional events for Lau Sin Yee’s new charitable organization. Recently Felix has been busy promoting a cosmetics brand in China, singing at gatherings and meeting with fans.

Although Felix does not make a significant sum from these promotional events, it allows him to be a "singer" and hear the cheers of his audience. Each actual appearance only takes half an hour, but the travel time involved for each trip usually takes 3 days, allowing Felix to take adequate rest. Felix laughed, "I don’t mind working like this at all! I can do dozens of these appearances in one year!"

Does Felix still want to return to acting in TV series? Felix admitted that he has not filmed a series in 3 years. Felix’s series "Treasure Raiders," which was filmed in 2001 with TVB, still has not been broadcast yet.

Since Felix has been leading an idle lifestyle, he does not have intentions to film TV series right now. "Let’s wait until Michael Miu Kiu Wai leaves TVB first! He is very sensitive! Michael waited until everyone left TVB before returning to film again, so that there would not be any competition left! When Michael retires again, then I can substitute for him!"

Felix revealed that since Michael returned back to acting, Michael’s confidence has increased. Felix has slowed down his acting input since he finds the work too grueling. He never took a good rest before, so he would rather have more time to relax. However, when Felix sees Michael acting on TV again, the feeling is very warm and family-like.

Is Felix not interested in working because he has earned enough money? "Each person’s requirement is different. For example, Andy Lau Tak Wah has made a lot of money already, but he continues to work because he enjoys it! I am different. My expectations are lower and easily satisfied."

Felix laughed and said that of course he has not earned enough money yet.

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