Fei Yu Qing sings the accompaniment for a song in Jay Chou’s new album

Jay invited the “singer with a golden quality voice,” Fei Yu Qing, to sing with him in his theme song “a thousand li away” in his new album “Still Fantasy.” Fei Yu Qing’s beautiful voice and singing techniques matched with Jay’s hip-hop style creates type of music that includes “different” singing styles.” This has made Jay admit that the male-male duet is the diaoest cooperation he has created since he entered the entertainment industry.

Fei Yu Qing is known for singing popular Chinese style songs like “Yi Jian Mei” and “Song of the Republic of China” that Jay really likes. Last year when he wrote “Hair Like Snow,” Jay thought of inviting Fei Yu Qing to work with him in the future. And through his agent’s, Yang Jun Rong’s, connections, two generations of singers that are skilled in singing Chinese style music are cooperating for the first time and have created a novel sensation.

Fei Yu Qing expressed: “I really like this song. I knew it really well before I walked into the studio. After I walked in the studio and listened to Jay’s suggestions on how to sing the song his way, the recording process went smoothly. I also discovered that Jay sings very well. There are a few phrases where he sang really high pitched notes and then suddenly dropped down to lower notes. So even the younger generation of singers have skills.”

Jay responds: “Fei Yu Qing is a singer that can finish recording the accompaniment in the shortest amount of time. He finished singing this song in just 2 hours. Nan Quan Mama once had to spend days to finish recording one phrase.”

Fei Yu Qing is accustomed to having the producer close the curtains when he sings the accompaniment. He was afraid to tell Jay the day they recorded because it was the first time they worked together, so he just kind of moved away. But because he thought it was a little awkward, he gave up moving away from where he was. Surprisingly, he accidentally found that singing with Jay face to face lead to some pretty good effects.

Jay’s new album is the center of the spotlight. People online love guessing his album name and song names. In fear that his cooperation with Fei Yu Qing would be exposed early, the head manager, Yang Jun Rong, ordered everybody to keep it a secret. The day they filmed the MV, they even had securities bring Fei Yu Qing to the site and used a black umbrella to avoid paparazzis from taking pictures. When they made the TV commercial, the staff was present throughout the whole production process.

“A thousand li away” was filmed in the setting of an old movie theater. Jay played the role of a theater staff while Fei Yu Qing used his voice to tell a moving love story. When Fei Yu Qing asked the director, Jay Chou, if his performance in the MV went well, Pres Chou quickly stuck up his thumb and said: “Excellent!”

“A thousand li away” will be premiered on the 23rd on Hit FM Radio. Jay said that his new album is called “Still Fantasy” to emphasize the fact that his music style is still the same old Jay style and has not changed just like his past album “Fantasy.” The album can be preordered on the 23rd and includes a limited edition of “Jay Chou across time poster” for free. If the album is pre-ordered from 7-11, a “Jay Chou wins his own mirage puzzle” is included for free.

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