Faye Wong’s Daughter to Leave Hospital in Three Weeks

According to one media source in Taiwan, famous Chinese pop diva Faye Wong’s daughter Liyan is at the Orange County Children’s Hospital in California, the most authoritative hospital on infant cleft lip cases in the U.S. One doctor there confessed they have accepted one female enfant from Beijing, saying her situation is not too severe. The cost of the surgery is about 8,000 U.S. dollars.

Faye Wong and her husband, Li Yapeng, now are renting an apartment near the hospital and will stay in California for a few months for Liyan’s operation.

Faye Wong’s agent, Chen Jiaying, says Faye Wong’s plan to leave the entertainment scene is getting stronger and stronger, and she respects the singer’s decision — after all, she says, it’s all right for a woman to make sacrifices for her family.

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