Faye Wong’s Daughter Confirmed to Have Harelip

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Gossip has been swirling through the media that the baby daughter of super-singer Faye Wong and famous actor Li Yapeng was born with a cleft palate, or ‘harelip.’ Besides this being unconfirmed, people criticized the media for putting an innocent baby in the public eye, whether the gossip was true or not.

Later, reporters snapped photos of Faye Wong and her daughter in the U.S., so it was then presumed they were there to see a doctor for the baby.

Today, the baby’s father, Li Yapeng, confirmed on his blog that the gossip about their baby is in fact true.

Ever since Wong became pregnant, media swarmed around her with all sorts of guesses about everything related to the baby, so Li added that he thanked Xie He Hospital for keeping their private matters confidential, and expressed his appreciation for the support from friends and Wang’s agents.

Li added that the couple plans to establish a charity fund to help children born with cleft palate.

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