“Fated to Love you” – Interview with Chen Qiao En

Idol drama “Fated to Love You” that she act in is currently airing in Taiwan but she expressed that she’s tired of idol dramas: Aim to turn towards developing in mainland in the next half of the year, trying out period drama.

This year march, the idol drama “Fated to Love You” that Chen Qiao En is leading actress in is airing in Taiwan and it shot high and created “Taiwan idol drama ratings new record” Chen Qiao En became the new idol drama rating queen.
But her road to fame is not smooth. She has been in the entertainment circle for 8 years, acting in “Lavender”, “100% Senorita”, “MVP Valentine” and various other idol dramas. Yet she could only be half in fame and half not. When the drama “Prince Turned To Frog” that she led in was airing in Taiwan, the male lead Ming Dao shot to fame but as the female lead, not only did she not become popular, she also got heavily criticised as “Not beautiful”, “Can’t match up to Ming Dao”, “Loves showing a grumpy face” etc. Her manager even came up with the critic that “Chen Qiao En is too old and no longer suitable for idol dramas”, causing Chen Qiao En, born in 1979, to have no drama to film for nearly a year.

Today is Chen Qiao En’s 29th birthday; Tomorrow, she will publish her new book “See Or Not (Qiao Jian Mei)” The reporter had a telephone interview with Chen Qiao En and she who have finally breakthrough told the reporter “I don’t want to film idol dramas again. “Fated to Love You” could be the last idol drama that I lead in.”

Discussing her rumored boyfriend Ming Dao
“Whenever we act together, there will be sparks”

One drama “Prince Turned to Frog” not only brought popularity to Ming Dao, it also let the audience remember Chen Qiao En. They had rumors, but they always claimed to be “brothers”. Nowadays, whenever Ming Dao act in a drama, the female lead will be compared to Qiao En. Ming Dao also declared in public more than once that “Qiao En is still the female artiste that I want to work with most.” In Qiao En’s eyes, Ming Dao is also the male actor that she worked best with.

Reporter: Why do you think “Prince Turn to Frog” will be so popular?
Qiao En: It’s a fairytale but it gave people hopes of their dream coming true. The girl I acted as wasn’t perfect, even fierce, love cheating people out of small amounts, but yet she’s kind, brave and realistic. Everyone hopes for that kind of life.

Reporter: What did you benefit most from filming “Prince Turned to Frog”
Qiao En: This drama was the turning point of my career. Everyone I work with was very outstanding and they sparked my potential in comedy scenes. I learn a lot of new acting style, for example, the director requests that once we change into our character’s clothes, it must be like we’re possessed by that character, and we have room to develop and act the way we want. That’s why me and Mign Dao often couldn’t stop once the camera starts to roll and there were a lot of additional stuff not inside the script.

Reporter: What’s your opinion on the male lead Ming Dao?
Qiao En: Filming “Prince Turned to Frog” was the first time I work with Ming Dao. We matched very well and it was a pleasure working with him. He’s very talented and I felt that I’ve met my match, everytime we film, we will have sparks.

Reporter: Why couldn’t you work with Ming Dao again for “Fated to Love You”?
Qiao En: Although I find it most comfortable working with him, but we have to act with new partners to come up with something new and fresh. Ethan’s much younger than us but I have a lot of chemistry with him when filming too.

Becoming idol drama actress
“Filming idol dramas will not have a big breakthrough”

Earlier, Chen Qiao En was busy filming “Fated to Love You” that’s already airing everyday. The drama promotion focused on the “bed scene” between Ethan and her. Qiao En admitted that this was her biggest breakthrough since she started acting but it is not able to satisfy her demands for acting.

Reporter: “Fated to Love You”‘s starting has a very huge bed scene, is this your boldest move and breakthrough?
Qiao En: Indeed. I have never acted like this before but I don’t mind revealing, because I have matured. I want my beautiful look to be kept so when taking photoshoots for my new book, I even tried revealing my back. Filming idol dramas will never have huge breakthroughs. This bed scene was purely for explaining the “child” and where it came from in the drama. It cannot be removed.

Reporter: People are saying that you’re the head of the idol drama female leads now. What do you think?
Qiao En: I can’t say that I’m popular right now, it’s just that I’m very lucky this year. I love acting, previously, I had a year without a job. Being an actress is my choice. I need to learn to accept any conditions. This year’s success can be attributed to my braveness and determination. I seldom watch Taiwan idol dramas actually. Instead, I watch dramas from mainland. I like Sun Li(孙俪) and Zhang Jing Chu(张静初), they’re very steady, open and poised” These are things that I lack.

Reporter: After acting in so many idol dramas, which character do you think is most similar to you?
Qiao En: I’m quite different from all my characters. I’m more practical and self-centered, not a romantic person. But in idol dramas, they’re mainly romantic and slightly exaggerated characters. I learn to calmly act out each character, no matter how limited the development space there is for that character. I think scripts are often quite shallow in their descriptions, the actor has to be deeper, so the actor must focus on his own thoughts and intuition.

Reporter: What’s your next step?
Qiao En: I don’t want to act in another idol drama. After acting in “Fated to Love You”, the next half of the year, I will be turning towards developing in mainland. Right now, I’m discussing a mainland script. I’m very interested in trying period drama, and might act as a female warrior, banishing a sword. This is something I’ve never tried before. I think it will be fun.

Started out as a host
“Learned nothing from Wu Zhong Xian”

Qiao En first rose to fame as a show host. Termed as “Xiao Hong En”, she was discovered by Wu Zhong Xian and asked to work with him in “Zhong Yi Zui Qian Xian(Variety front line)” but Qiao En said that the work that she dislikes most is hosting.

Reporter: Acting, writing, hosting, singing, you attempted all of these before. What’s your favorite?
Qiao En: Acting is first, writing second. As for singing, I personally think my vocals isn’t that good and I don’t have the rights to stand in the position of a singer so I have no plans of having a solo album. Being a host is the quickest way to earn money but it also requires the most energy and trains your responses. I have always disliked it. When i first started, I couldn’t stand being a host. Working with Wu Zhong Xian, I was not very serious and there were a lot of bad news(Drinking, being a hot shot), so when I saw Wu Zhong Xian again and he asked me “What did I learn from him at that time”, I could only answer “Nothing.”

Reporter: Do you still watch variety shows of Wu Zhong Xian?
Qiao En: I typically don’t watch much variety shows. I’m more of a literature person. I only like reading. When I was hosting with Wu Zhong Xian in the past, his thoughts kept jumping around and I couldn’t keep in pace. I felt like an idiot. I really agree with Tao Zi’s words “People who host can definitely act but people who act might not be able to host”

Reporter: Being an artiste, you will face a lot of stress. How do you relieve stress?
Qiao En: In my new book that will meet everyone very soon, there will be the answer to a lot of questions about me. For example, an article in the book “One person’s KTV”, there is the answer to your question. I love going to karaoke alone. That is how I relieve stress. I always felt that inside me, there is another person. Someone from “Must continue to go on” alien world, if I don’t complete what I want to do, i definitely can’t fall asleep.

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