Fat Tin Reaches 33 points but meets Harsh Reviews

With a heavyweight Myolie Wu at the helm, the highly anticipated "To Grow With Love" (aka Lush Fields Happy Times / Fat Tin’s Happy Affairs) premiered on Monday. With a string of promotional events beforehand, the show is the talk of the town and gained a peak of 33 points on the first night, equalling rival Charmaine Sheh’s "Maiden’s Vow". However, Myolie’s acting ability has come under fire from critics as she loses out on the reviews compared to Charmaine.

Having gained 45 lbs to film this series, Myolie created a lot of hype around the show as her weight was the hot topic of conversation everywhere. In order to mark the event of the show’s premiere, Myolie invited some fellow cast and crew members to dinner, including Kenneth Ma and Gigi Wong, followed by watching the first episode together. Myolie’s parents were also present to support her.

Having lost a lot of her weight now, Molie says that she was not too nervous: "I have already watched it once with the producer, but even before it was aired, there were many neighbours who wanted to watch it already." does she feel that her award is in the bag with the show being aired? Myolie does not want to say too much: "We will see what happens with these things. We have to see whether the viewers like it, but I hope that the role will give people a fresh feeling." She says that in order to return to a slim figure, she can only eat very plain foods at the meal: "I am now down to 124 lbs, although I am just 9 lbs from my target, I hope to reach 115 lbs by the anniversary night."

Although "To Grow with Love" had respectable ratings, averaging 32 points and attracting over 2 million viewers and rapidly challenging "Maiden’s Vow", Myolie’s performance in the show has been harshly criticised by people on the internet, who say that her actions are exaggerated and she is giving fat people a bad image. Other comments have said that the show was overhyped and disappointing. Although there has been a lot of critique, Myolie’s rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong is still very supportive of her and praises her great talent: "I did watch it and I thought it was quite good! Myolie did well!"

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