Fashion’s Queen ‘Bada’ Returns

(Dan Tri) – Making her returns after almost half of a year, singer Bada, who was named the Fashion’s Queen of the Korean Showbiz, has sent us a very impressive set of photos. The pink lipstick’s Bada, fluffy hair (auntie perm) of the 80’s.

Bada’s next upcoming single is called Queen, and she decided to appear with a whole new image of a fashion’s queen. But Bada, who was tired the tanned, short hair and sexy outfits, decided to come back with the 80’s fashion. She covers herself with white powder, dark eyeliner, and soft pink lipstick.

Bada is recognizing as one of the most successful solo singer in Korea. Before starting her solo career, Bada was a member of the popular girl band, S.E.S. After S.E.S. disbanded in 2002, with a strong vocals and great dancing skills as her potentials, Bada decided to release her first album ‘A Day of Renew’.

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