Fans Want Gallen Lo and Flora Chan to Return to TVB

In recent years, many artists have left TVB to venture in other career opportunities. This has resulted in a high turnover of leading actors and actresses. In a recent internet poll, fans selected the artists whom they would like to see return to TVB the most. Poll results indicate that they want Gallen Lo Ka Leung and Flora Chan Wai San, winners of the Best Actor and Best Actress Award in 2002, to return to TVB the most.

TVB has recently been re-broadcasting many of its past classic series in its midnight line-ups, such as "Golden Faith," which attracted 580,000 people in viewership to tune in for the ending episode. Due to the recent re-broadcast of "Golden Faith," Gallen’s popularity has once again surged in Hong Kong. He easily won with 325 votes as the actor fans desired to return to TVB the most.

Chilam Cheung was in second place with 214 votes and Louis Koo Tin Lok with 198 votes in third place. Other actors who also made the list include Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Sean Lau Ching Wan, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Andy Lau Tak Wah etc. made it on the list.

As for actresses which fan miss the most at TVB, Flora Chan won the poll with 354 votes. Many fans feel that Flora’s image is healthy and she is very convincing in professional roles such as lawyers etc. Many fans also voted for the retun of Esther Kwan Wing Ho (who received 242 votes). Maggie Cheung Ho Ying was in third place and Anita Yuen Wing Yee had a lot of supporters as well.

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