Fans Crowd in Mall for Kim Jung Hoon at Hong Kong

Yesterday Kim Jung Hoon arrived at Hong Kong to particpate in the Olympian City’s Fun Ski Festival. Hundreds of fans filled the mall and was in a long line where they waited to give presents to their idol. When Jung Hoon entered the stage, he said in Cantonese to the fans, "I love you, it’s been hard work (??? sun foo sai)." He also sang songs and played games with fans.

This is his first time coming to Hong Kong so when he saw the large crowd of fans yesterday at the airport, he was very touched. He usually likes to watch Hong Kong movies and two of his favorites are Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu. He hopes to cooperate with Stephen Chow and Mengda Wu. When he was asked what he wants to do most in Hong Kong, he said to go up a mountain and observe the beautiful night scene.

Kim Jung Hoon arrived at 11:40 yesterday accompanied by four assistants. When the fans saw their idol, they immediately rushed in. Because there weren’t any securities, it was like a state of confusion. The staffs and the reporters were also pushing each other, causing some fans to fall.

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